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This on-line concert archive was created in 2006 in response to requests from our concert goers and others interested in our repertoire. We intend to maintain it going forwards and will add the rest of our "back catalogue" from the last 25 years as and when time permits.

You can use the dropdown list to jump to a specific concert year and the up arrows next to each concert to return to the top of the page. If you have visted the archive before we recommend you click [here] to refresh this page to be sure you are seeing the very latest additions.

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Use of (or lack of!) diacritics:
Sadly early versions of the most popular Internet Browsers can not cope with certain diacritics (accented characters) which can cause this page not to load at all or to crash. To ensure most people can view our archive we have therefore removed the "offenders" and will tend not use diacritics for future entries.

        To be continued.....